IQ System Overview

Dealer Directed
Electronic Check FREE
and Easy to Use On-line
Payment Tracking

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Want to be the first to know about new product updates and changes, and made aware of all the products eligible on a specific unit all while ensuring accurate rates are being applied?

The RpmOne IQ System, an all-inclusive web based F&I platform that performs backend product functionality from start to finish, can do all of this and more. Daily operations will run easier, quicker and more efficient, resulting in increased sales volume and increased profit levels. Some of the features include: creating eligible contracts, customizing an electronic menu, batching sold contracts, generating accurate invoices, and offering electronic payment; making paper forms a thing of the past!

This innovative product is completely free to all customers; there is no upfront capital required, and no hardware or software to purchase and download. The RpmOne IQ System will revolutionize the way you do business!

Each RpmOne dealer is automatically activated to use the IQ System for each product sold with RpmOne. Please log in now using your user name and password to get started.

Features of the RpmOne IQ System

  • Never run out of contracts
  • Never lose another contract that should have been remitted
  • Never fill out another remit sheet
  • Never fumble to find your dealer cost
  • Never worry about mailing contracts or checks
  • Never wonder which products and coverage options are available
  • Never worry about the printer jams or forms lining up wrong

As a training tool for first-time users we have posted IQ System demo videos. This tutorial will walk you through the life of a contract from start to finish. You will notice there are multiple videos. They go through the process of creating and remitting contracts, as well as, going through the individual products.

If you need additional assistance once you have viewed the webinar or have specific questions please call RpmOne IQ Support at 678-894-3500.