Finance & Insurance Products

RpmOne prides itself on providing the best products and service in the industry. We focus on the products that are proven to generate profit for your dealership while providing your customers with needed protection from the most common perils and expenses they face.

Through the RpmOne IQ System you can print your customers theft contracts, print remit sheets, track claims, and much more online, while avoiding lost contracts.

Extended Service Contracts

The RpmOne Service program is designed to provide competitive prices and operational efficiency while providing your customer with the most comprehensive service contract on the market.

  • Exclusionary coverage is the most well defined and broadest coverage in the industry
  • Coverage is nationwide and transferable
  • Full roadside assistance included (on-road units)
  • Can be sold on new and used units up to 12 years old

Priority Maintenance

The RpmOne Priority Maintenance Program is a fully insured, turnkey program designed for dealers currently selling in-house programs, as well as those new to selling Priority Maintenance. Compared to in-house programs that lack proper tax handling, service department accountability, and sound reserve policies, RpmOne’s program will surely deliver.

  • Plan covers 3 years or 6 services
  • Reserves are set based on make and model
  • Maintenance is based on the owner’s manual
  • Dealer profits at the F&I and service levels
  • Program is insured and fully compliant
  • Hassle-free set up of sales materials, training, program pricing, and administration tasks

Put a Priority Maintenance Card in your customer’s hands!! View the Priority Card Options for details

GAP Protection

All GAP Protection is not created equal. RpmOne has managed its private label program since 2001. The program permits dealers to select alternate coverage options. RpmOne GAP is the trusted name for dealers and lenders. Not sure what GAP is, click here.

What is GAP?
In the event of a total loss, GAP Protection pays the difference (The Gap) between the customer’s loan balance at the time of the incident and the amount paid by the insurance company. Most insurance policies only pay the market value (NADA) or accepted cash value (ACV) of the vehicle/vessel. This amount is often less than the customer’s loan balance. GAP Protection makes sure the customer can pay off the full amount of the loan balance. For customers who do not have regular P&C insurance, GAP Protection will pay the difference between what they owe on their loan and ACV based on NADA retail value. Certain rules and limits may affect the final GAP claim amount. Please see the contract for of conditions, rules, and regulations.

  • Underwritten by an A.M. best "A" rated company
  • Covers deductible up to $500.00
  • Eligible on installment and revolving loans
  • Full coverage insurance is NOT required
  • On-Road, Off-Road, and Watercraft units qualify
  • Up to 84 months of coverage (restrictions apply)
  • Covers up to 120% or 150% MSRP
    GAP Example Calculations
  • GAP Example Calculations

    Loan Information GAP Calculations
    MSRP $10,000 Loan Balance (Actual) $11,223
    Initial Loan Amount $12,000 Insurance Settlement Amount $8,000
    Maximum amount of MRSP covered (120% program) $12,000 (Includes up to $500 deductible) -
    Exceeds 120% of MSRP No Remaining Loan Balance $3,223
    Loan Term 60 Months Total Amount GAP Covers $3,223
    APR 18%   -
    Loan Balance after 6 months $11,223 Remaining Loan Balance $ -

Theft Protection

Theft of power sport vehicles is at an all-time high. RpmOne’s Theft Protection program is the simplest and most cost effective way to provide your customer with a theft deterrent and replacement vehicle allowance benefit. Solid reserve structure and underwriting provides dealers and their customers with peace of mind.

See the definition of Theft Protection
Theft Protection is a part marking anti-theft system, featuring easy to apply marking stickers and a financial benefit warranty. If the customer’s vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, RpmOne Theft Protection will cover the selected coverage amount up to $6,000. See contract for rules and limitations.
  • Includes maximum coverage $2,500, $5,000 or $6,000 limits
  • Provides a fully insured product underwritten by an A.M. Best “A” rated company
  • Allows eligibility on every unit with no primary insurance or financing required
  • Offers low dealer cost and high profit potential with no cap on MSRP (state regulations may apply)

Tire & Wheel

A profitable F&I addition to your dealership is the complete plan offered by RpmOne’s Tire & Wheel Protection. Customers understand that accidents happen, and that road hazards are unfortunately a risk of the road.

  • Includes complete coverage for repairs and replacements of tires and/or rims
  • Offers payment to customers for towing expenses due to tire & wheel damage

Simoniz – Appearance Protection

As seen on Modern Marvels! The appearance of your motorcycle plays a major role in determining its resale value. Currently, the appearance of your motorcycle is not covered under any original manufacturer’s warranty. Simoniz is the solution to protect your investment. This technology protects a motorcycle’s appearance by permanently sealing it’s paint and chrome with a specialized “Ceramic Resin” that forms a permanent glass like finish and protects the bike from environmental damages.

  • Full Appearance Protection: Paint – Chrome – Leather
  • Protects your investment from damage caused from acid rain, tree sap, insects, UV damage, and other environmental hazards
  • The warranty is backed by one of the oldest and highly regarded insurance companies in the U.S.
  • Any covered damage to your paint, chrome, or leather seat will be fully repaired or replaced with a ZERO deductible

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